A look at 8 months with Sarah

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             October 2015 – March 2015

Sarah began training with me in March of 2015. She tested out the kickboxing class but decided she wasn’t ready but felt comfortable in the MMA Fitness Boot camp. All of the boot camp participants do a fitness evaluation to find out what level of fitness they are at, and to help set goals of where they want to be.

Sarah is 5’3″ and was 147lbs when she did her fitness evaluation, which doesn’t sound outrageous. She didn’t look overweight and wore super loose shirts to keep it out of view. However, her BMI was at 31.1 and one of her main complaints was that she felt unstable and fell down a lot. She knew what the number meant and I felt terrible when she said she qualified to be in the obesity category with her body mass index being in that range. She was right about her stability, to watch her attempt to do a simple squat as if sitting in a chair was a little scary the way her knees flailed in all directions!  I called her Bambi, which I don’t believe she found as endearing as I did.

After a few boot camp classes, Sarah decided she wanted to do personal training with me. Sarah could not do some  lifts such as weighted squat due to the instability in her legs. No problem, it gave me a chance to incorporate other methods of gaining strength.

We worked on correcting form faults in boot camp, and in personal training with body movement exercises. Sarah also started working out with me during the morning DDP Yoga flows I do for my certification training. Little by little we began to see improvement. Then one day Sarah walked in with a tight tank top and yoga pants on. She was small, toned and athletic looking. She was killing the boot camp workouts and had not complained of a fall in a while.  On her next training session, we tested her weighted squat. Physically, she had made major improvements! SUCCESS!

As part of the boot camp a physical fitness assessments is administered every 2 months to check on progress. There had been improvements all along the way. This time was no exception and compared to the start, there were loads of improvement in strength and mobility as well. On her first assessment Sarah completed 15 modified push ups but no standard ones. She improved by completing 15 standard and 15 modified this time around. That was one fantastic significant increase in upper body strength. One of the most notable improvements was her weight had dropped down to 115lbs and her BMI was 21 compared to 147lbs & 31.1BMI when she started!

bmi I am super proud of Sarah and all of her hard work. She has 4 children, a full-time job, and tons of excuses to fail. But she committed to herself and her success and has achieved a lot of her goals. She lost weight, improved her balance, she is stronger, and overall more active and mobile.


    Sarah top Left (aquamarine uniform)

Personally, I found success, because I enjoy helping others. But, Sarah has also become one of my closest friends over the course of the 8 months. She gets a little embarrassed when attention is drawn to her, but I felt all of her hard work deserved to be noticed. We have some new goals for her now and she has picked up jiu jitsu, so be sure to check back for an update. I’m confident you’ll be seeing more of her success!

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